Infinity dvars 442 инструкция

infinity dvars 442 инструкция
The loop variable, as determined by an examination of the 3rd for clause expression, does not match the variable that is tested in the 2nd for clause expression. This is logical but not portable. It is therefore best to avoid this construct. Also, there must actually be a possibility for flow to occur from above. The type of the result is considered to be the enumeration. Top 671 Possibly passing to function ‘Symbol’ a negative value (Integer), Context Reference — An integral value that may possibly be negative is being passed to a function that is expecting only positive values for a particular argument. Top 133 Too many initializers for aggregate ‘Symbol’ — In a brace-enclosed initializer, there are more items than there are elements of the aggregate.

Top 637 Expected index type ‘Symbol’ for strong type ‘Symbol’ — This is the message you receive when an inconsistency with the -index option is recognized. A subscript is not the stipulated type (the first type mentioned in the message) nor equivalent to it within the hierarchy of types. They may appear before or after the type. See Section to obtain further information on thread unsafe function groups and options to determine them.

Also, PC-lint/FlexeLint will take advantage of some computations that limit the precision of an operand. For example, sprintf( buffer, «%f», 371 ) will show an error in argument number 3 because constant 371 is not floating point. Programmers who intend to work only with C code with the GNU extensions may safely disable this diagnostic but C++ users should think twice. Please delete the object module and recreate it using the -oo option. Top 445 reuse of for loop variable ‘Symbol’ at ‘Location’ could cause chaos — A for loop nested within another for loop employed the same loop variable.

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